Sesam can help the UN in crisis situations!

Nov 16, 2023

With bottom-emptying containers, it doesn’t matter how material has ended up inside

At the suggestion of Business Sweden, Sesam has participated in a two-day seminar in Copenhagen and UN City on procurement within the UN. During earthquakes, other natural disasters or in the worst case scenario during or after war… there is always a large and often extremely urgent need to move materials of all kinds. This is where Sesame can come in. After meetings with high-ranking procurement officers from UNHCR and UNDP, we will look further into this possibility together. Being able to help people in the worst disasters around the world would be great! Today, the bucket on a wheel loader is used to move material where living people may be trapped after an earthquake.

Instead, we propose to bring and deploy several Sesams to allow relevant UN and Red Cross staff to remove debris from many locations at the same time with greater efficiency and safety. This is because the wheeled loaders available do not get stuck in any one place and can work on emptying continuously. With Sesam’s controlled bottom discharge, it doesn’t matter how debris or other materials have ended up inside. Emptying via the fork spreader will work flawlessly regardless. With tipping containers, there is a good chance that they would not have been emptied without the help of another wheel loader from the side or via the driver’s own risky efforts…

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