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Discover the tipping container of the future with bottom discharge.

Sesam’s bottom-emptying containers are emptied via the truck’s fork spread, which is easier, safer and more controlled than tipping containers and other types of waste containers.

The tipping container of the future with bottom discharge


More capacity


Visibility during emptying

Years of sustainability

Dimensions according to industry standards

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Customised for your business

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Bottom emptying tipping container 600 litres

Sesam 600 litres

Volume: 600 litres
Length: 1500 mm
Width: 800 mm
Height: 650 mm
Weight: 170kg

Bottom emptying tipping container 900 litres

Sesam 900 litres

Volume: 900 litres
Length: 1500 mm
Width: 1000 mm
Height: 750 mm
Weight: 190kg

Bottom emptying tipping container 1400 litres

Sesam 1400 litres

Volume: 1400 litres
Length: 1500 mm
Width: 800 mm
Height: 1335 mm
Weight: 245kg

Bottom emptying tipping container 1800 litres

Sesam 1800 litres

Volume: 1800 litres
Length: 1500 mm
Width: 1020 mm
Height: 1335 mm
Weight: 285kg

Bottom emptying tipping container 2600 litres

Sesam 2600 litres

Volume: 2600 litres
Length: 1500 mm
Width: 1350 mm
Height: 1500 mm
Weight: 390kg

Do you need to customise your tipping container?

How does our tipping container with bottom discharge work?

The risk of having to get out of the truck and having to “push” a filled tipping container personally, or with the help of another truck, does not exist with Sesam. Any waste or recycling material will be emptied regardless of how it is located in a Sesam container provided that the fork spread of the truck is sufficient to ensure that the Sesam opens 100%.

Terri about the Sesam bottom emptying tipping container

“From day one in our new premises, we have chosen Sesam’s containers to efficiently sort everything from corrugated cardboard to combustible materials in our production. Their easy emptying allows us to get back to work quickly, and thanks to their spaciousness and easy-to-handle wheels, they integrate smoothly into our operations.”

Maria Olsson


Safe & efficient

Control everything safely from the driver’s seat – all without leaving the truck cab. This gives you full control, without any manual handling.

Scandinavian quality

Exceptional durability and long service life, leading to superior overall economy compared to the alternatives on the market.

Customised solutions

Tailor-made solutions by customising dimensions, functions and accessories designed to meet specific challenges and requirements.

Here’s how it works


Innovative emptying function

Sesam Containers’ unique emptying function, via an openable bottom, offers safer, smoother and more efficient handling.

Customisable Design

Our containers can be customised in size and function as required, with options for reinforcements, specific truck adaptations, colour and fraction markings or hot-dip galvanisation for extra durability.

Environmentally friendly solutions

Sesam Containers combines sustainability with environmentally friendly design and choice of materials. Swedish manufacturing ensures quality control and reduces transport needs.

How bottom-emptying tipping containers work

For those who want to know more.

What makes Sesam's bottom-emptying tipping containers different from traditional tipping containers?

Sesam’s tipping containers have a unique design that allows for safe, efficient and fully controllable emptying directly from the bottom, which differs significantly from the more common forward dumping function used in traditional tipping containers. This contributes to full safety in handling, as the truck driver never leaves his truck cab, more efficient utilisation as a Sesam holds over 40% more fractions on the same floor space as the equivalent traditional tipping container, faster and more controlled waste management.

How do Sesam's tipping containers contribute to a safer working environment?

The design where the truck driver never has to leave the driver’s seat, neither during transport nor during emptying, reduces the risks significantly. This provides a safer working environment as the risk of accidents and injuries is reduced.

Can Sesam Containers be customised to my specific needs?

Yes, Sesam offers very high flexibility in its design. The customer can choose the size, colour/finish, custom features, and a wide range of accessories such as different lid solutions, different mounted wheel sets, different fraction adaptations, allowing each container to be tailored to specific business requirements.


How does Sesam Containers increase efficiency in my workplace?

Sesam Containers offers an advanced solution that exceeds the capacity of traditional tipping containers, resulting in fewer necessary emptying operations. This in turn leads to both time and cost savings. With the ability to hold 40% more material in the same area compared to traditional tipping containers, efficiency is significantly improved. Truck drivers can manage the emptying directly from their cab in a safe and controlled way, with a clear view of the emptying process, optimising the speed and safety of waste management.

Are Sesam's tipping containers environmentally friendly?

Sesam Containers prioritises sustainability by choosing durable materials and efficient manufacturing processes, with a strong focus on environmental friendliness and product longevity. The standard material is S355MCD structural steel, but for specific requirements, stainless steel options are also offered, including 1.4301 for general needs and 1.4404 for acid-resistant and food-grade applications. By centralising production in Sweden, from the extraction of raw materials to final assembly and delivery, Sesam aims to minimise unnecessary transportation, further strengthening their environmental responsibility.

Mats Malmberg at Sesam Container
Fredrik Tideman at Sesam Container
Isak Ekelund at Sesam Container

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Through our expertise and innovative solutions, together we can design a working environment that is not only safer and more efficient, but also deeply rooted in sustainability principles. Discover how Sesam Container can transform your waste management.

Together we can create a safer, more efficient and sustainable working environment.

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