The perfect container solution for your business

Let us customise your waste management

We understand that standard solutions do not suit everyone; That’s why we offer specialised containers that can be tailored to the specific requirements of your business; Discover how our customisable solutions can contribute to a safer, more efficient and sustainable working environment for your workplace;

Order a customised tipping container with bottom discharge


More capacity


Visibility during emptying

Years of sustainability

Companies that have chosen to customise their tipping containers

ABB använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
Ahlsell använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
Akzo Nobel använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
Alfing använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
Ikea använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
M-real använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
Ovako använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
Profilgruppen använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
Ruukki använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
Sandvik använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
SCA använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
Scandlines använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
Scania använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
SSAB använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
Stena Recycling använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
Tools använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam
Volvo använder bottentömmande tippcontainer från Sesam

Together we create a safer, more efficient and sustainable working environment

The optimal solution for your waste management

We at Sesame are dedicated to understand and fulfil your unique needs; Through close collaboration, we tailor your bottom-emptying tipping container with precision, from special dimensions and colour choices to functional upgrades such as soft wheels, support wheels, and advanced locking systems; Every detail, including hot-dip galvanisation, custom-made lids and innovative bottom solutions, is adapted to maximise your efficiency and safety; Let’s design together the optimal solution for your business;

Choose your tipping container with hot-dip galvanisation

Hot dip galvanising

For an extra durable finish on your Sesam tipping containers, we offer hot-dip galvanising as an alternative to traditional powder coating; Hot-dip galvanising is an excellent choice for containers that are often used outdoors, as it provides superior protection against the elements;

Customise your tipping container with stainless steel

Stainless steel

Stainless steel provides a long-lasting and maintenance-free solution that retains its lustre and strength over time; This material choice is ideal for environments where hygiene and corrosion resistance are of utmost importance, such as in the food industry or environments with harsh weather conditions;

Equip your tipping container with an extra liquid bottom

Liquid bottom

This innovative bottom design can hold up to 40 litres of liquid, making it ideal for situations where safe and efficient liquid handling is necessary; This supplement is ideal for use in environments where leakage prevention and fluid safety are prioritised;

Equip your tipping container with an extra Hardox bottom

Extra hard hardox bottom

For bottom-emptying tipping containers that will be used to handle heavy objects from greater heights, we offer a solution with a reinforced bottom. By adding an additional hardox bottom on top of the existing one, we increase the durability and resilience of the containers, making them ideal for demanding applications where extra support and strength is necessary;

Equip your tipping container with a bolted sheet metal lid

Bolted sheet metal cover

Equipping your tipping containers with a bolted sheet metal lid is an ideal solution for situations where the container needs to be connected to machines or filters; This adaptation, with the possibility of a cut-out hole, offers a safe and stable connection even for containers with special openings or gaps;

Get your bottom-emptying tipping container with a crossbar

Traverse adaptation

Moving your Sesam within your organisation is and should always be easy, smooth and secure; Many organisations use overhead cranes and other lifting devices to move and transport materials and components internally. If you need or want to move your Sesam in the same way, for example in/out of large machine parks, we naturally offer solutions for this as well. In order to meet all needs and wishes, we also offer locking and transport securing in various designs along with traverse customisation. Manual as well as automatic.

Customise your tipping container with extra joint sealing

Joint sealing

All fractions have different properties and will of course also be different in size. For the smallest fractions, we offer different types of joint seals to meet the specific requirements and needs of each unique case. Welded joint seals are ideal for most smaller fractions, such as shavings and chips, where you can easily eliminate the risk of them finding their way into the joint between the bottom hatches; For very small fractions, in the form of granules, dust or dust, we offer additional sealing options to ensure that these also remain safely in the container until emptying.

Get your tipping container with wheels

Customised wheel sets

All sectors, companies and organisations have different requirements, needs and wishes. In addition to our standard wheel sets, there is a wide range of options available for this purpose. We offer wheel sets that meet the specific requirements and wishes of each unique case. For example, softer wheels for a quieter ride, stronger wheels that can handle higher loads, added support wheels for increased stability, rail-adapted wheels where needed, the list goes on and on. Of course, all wheelsets are also available in lockable versions. After joint analysis with the customer, we present the most suitable option.

Bottom-emptying tipping container with double gear rim


To reinforce the stability of your bottom-emptying tipping container during opening and closing, we recommend our double gear rim; This feature ensures that your container operates smoothly and stably, which is ideal for situations that require high precision and reliability;

Innovation meets functionality

Create the perfect solution for your business with Sesam Containers’ customised solutions; Our customised bottom discharge tipping containers are designed to meet unique needs, whether for specific dimensions, materials or features; We are committed to offering customisable options that streamline your waste management and contribute to a sustainable working environment; Let’s work together to design a customised solution that grows with your business;

Upgrade your waste management with Sesam

Through our expertise and innovative solutions, together we can design a working environment that is not only safer and more efficient, but also deeply rooted in sustainability principles; Discover how we at Sesam Container can transform your waste management by customising a tipping container that matches your requirements. Together we can create a safer, more efficient and sustainable working environment;

Efficient waste management with container trains for Volvo

Volvo chooses Sesam for efficient cleaning solutions

Sesam Container Train: Smart solution for fast emptying

For those of you who want to further streamline your waste management, we at Sesam Container specially designed container trains, used for example by Volvo to easily follow behind cleaning machines; These containers are optimised for quick, safe and easy emptying by forklift, making them ideal for efficient waste management between cleaning rounds;

Mobility meets efficiency

ABB is optimising its waste management with Sesam garbage containers;

To optimise its waste management, ABB has chosen to develop bottom-emptying waste containers; These specially designed waste containers are equipped with lockable wheels to easily position them exactly where they are needed; Thanks to this mobility and user-friendly design, a safe and efficient emptying by truck is guaranteed, facilitating the daily management of waste;

ABB customised waste containers with bottom discharge

Want to know more about our customised container solutions?

How do I go about customising my tipping container?

To customise your tipping container at Sesam, the process starts with a dialogue to identify your specific needs and wishes. We discuss the possibilities of customising dimensions, materials, colours and functional additions such as extra wheels, seals or locks. Then our team works to design a solution that fulfils your requirements, while ensuring the highest possible quality and functionality.

Why should companies customise their tipping containers?

Sesam’s tipping containers contribute to a safer working environment by offering solutions that minimise the need for manual handling and direct contact with the waste, reducing the risk of injuries and accidents. By customising the container specifically for your business and workplace, you can further increase safety and efficiency, with features designed to meet your specific challenges. This ensures that work processes are smoother and the working environment is kept clean and safe.

How do Sesam's customised tipping containers differ in function and capacity from conventional tipping containers?

Sesam’s specialised containers offer unique advantages over traditional tipping containers. Their design enables safe and efficient emptying directly from the bottom, without the driver having to leave the truck cab. This ensures not only safety but also more efficient waste management, with up to 40% more capacity in the same area. A customised tipping container with bottom discharge is ideal for businesses looking for a more controlled and productive handling of waste materials.

How does a customised tipping container improve work processes and efficiency in my workplace?

With our customised tipping containers, we increase workplace efficiency by offering fast and safe emptying directly from the truck. This in turn reduces time and improves workflows in the workplace. Our customisable solutions ensure that the design and function of each container matches specific site needs, further optimising the handling of materials and waste.