See you in Uppsala in November?

Oct 3, 2023

It will be extremely inspiring to continue spreading the message about what Sesam has to offer at Avfall Sverige’s autumn meeting.

Avfall Sverige is the municipalities’ trade organisation within waste management. It is Avfall Sverige’s members who ensure that waste is taken care of and recycled in all the country’s municipalities. They do this on behalf of society with the following keywords: environmentally safe, sustainable and long-term. Their fine vision is “There is no waste”. They work to prevent waste from occurring, to reuse more and to ensure that the waste that does occur is recycled and disposed of in the best possible way. Sesame’s solution can make it easier for everyone involved in several important fractions. It is important that we succeed in reaching out well with what we can offer in our ongoing battle against the “power of habit” and tipping containers! Avfall Sverige works, among many other things, with digital training programmes. One of them is called the ÅVC driving licence and it was updated with a film from Vaxholm’s ÅVC this summer. There, as can be seen both in the picture we chose from there and in the film below, several of our Sesams “work” meritoriously! See the following link to the film: At the slightest question or desire to test Sesam sharply in your business, Isak and Mats are ready to answer directly.