New custom-built Sesams ready for personalised delivery!

Oct 19, 2023

Sesame tipping containers ready for personalised delivery

Our “normal curve” for how a company becomes a customer of ours is as follows: 1. An initial contact is made directly by us or via our website. We book a personal or digital meeting where we, among other things, offer a free demo Sesam to be able to compare sharply with existing solutions. 2. After everyone concerned has tested our demo Sesam properly, we have a follow-up meeting. We then answer all possible follow-up questions and explain how flexible Sesam is in terms of dimensions, surface treatment/colour, lid, wheels, etc. Very often we have then discovered one or more places where a Sesam could make things easier for all concerned. 3. After receiving a quote from us, according to the specific requests that have been made, the new customer then places a first order and challenges the “power of habit” regarding previous solutions, which very often is some kind of tipping container. 4. Once one or a couple of Sesams have started to do their job at the customer’s site, there are often, to our great joy, more orders. Exactly as above has happened with the customised Sesams that I personally delivered today. There is nothing better than satisfied customers!

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