Great interest in Sesam brings big smiles!

Nov 9, 2023

During Avfall Sverige’s well-attended autumn meeting in Uppsala (8-9/11), Sesam exhibited.

Via projector, we showed pictures from Vaxholm’s recycling centre with many “working” Sesams and great results regarding the fractions that need to be as clean as possible. We also spun pictures from Halmstad Energi och Miljö (HEM’s) so well thought out Returburk 2.0, which is their so appreciated mobile recycling centre with, among other things, five specially manufactured Sesams. There are now many people thinking about copying this in one way or another and we are of course ready to help. This was really a perfect opportunity to spread the word about the advantages of Sesams compared to tipping containers. We are so confident with this that we are happy to lend Sesams to anyone who wants to compare sharply. Our battle against the “power of habit” continues and it feels like we are starting to reach a downhill slope!

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