Make Sesam part of your organisation today

Hire purchase your bottom-emptying tipping container.

Fixed monthly cost for 36 months

Cash deposit as desired

Full ownership after last payment

Customised payment plans

A solution that grows & changes with your business

Flexible financing tailored to your business

Our hire purchase option offers a smooth path to ownership, with fixed monthly costs for 36 months, including both amortisation and a hire purchase fee; Whether you choose to start with a cash deposit or not, we’ll tailor a payment plan to suit your business situation and needs.


Simple & Transparent

To keep the process simple and transparent, we handle all funding in-house, which means there are no third-party costs. After the final payment has been made, ownership passes directly to you, without any complications.

Customised solutions

We understand that each company’s needs are unique. Therefore, we offer both standard and customised containers, with or without additional options; We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and design a solution that fits perfectly.

How does it work?


We carry out a needs & market analysis

We’ll start with a thorough review of your needs to understand exactly what you’re looking for in terms of design and number of containers.


We prepare proposals for agreements

Based on the need, we prepare a contract proposal that includes a monthly cost. Everything is tailored to suit your business.

Rent your tipping container with bottom discharge

A solution that grows & changes with your business

Discover the benefits of renting your tipping container with bottom discharge


Customise your payment plan for optimal adaptation to your company’s financial situation.


All funding is handled directly by Sesam, which eliminates the need for external funders.


Once the instalment period is over, full ownership is transferred to you, without any extra hassle.

With tailor-made payment plans to meet your needs, direct financing without external parties and the security of owning the container after the instalment period, Sesam’s hire purchase is an ideal solution for businesses looking to grow without large initial investments. This customisability and long-term value strengthens the efficiency and economy of your business.

For those of you who want to rent your tipping container

Explore the possibility of renting your bottom-emptying tipping container from Sesame. By renting, you get access to customised solutions that meet your company’s unique needs without long-term commitments. Contact us to discuss how we can customise our rental solutions to best support your business.

Mats Malmberg at Sesam Container
Fredrik Tideman at Sesam Container
Isak Ekelund at Sesam Container

Make Sesam a part of your organisation today

Are you ready to streamline your business with a cost-effective solution that grows with you? Contact Sesam today to explore how our hire purchase option can benefit your business.

Together we can create a safer, more efficient and sustainable working environment.

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