Sesam låter er anpassa era återvinningscontainers och sopcontainers efter egna önskemål.

Special containers

Customize your Sesam container completely according to your specific needs

At Sesam, we have over the years manufactured an innumerable number of containers for companies in all conceivable industries. We have then seen how often customers want to customize their Sesam containers. Therefore, we offer this opportunity to ensure that our Sesam containers will be able to make your workplace as efficient and safe as possible.

Customized for your workplace
Sesam container train

Volvo uses Sesam, which is specially built to be able to roll along behind a cleaning machine. The containers are then emptied quickly, safely and easily with a truck before the next cleaning trip.

Sesam sopcontainer gör återvinningen mer effektiv och smidig.
Sopcontainer med hjul gör återvinningen mer effektiv.
Bottom emptying bins
Sesam garbage container

ABB has purchased a number of specially built Sesam "garbage bins". Sesam garbage containers can be rolled around and placed exactly where they should be via lockable wheels. Emptying then takes place safely and easily as always with the truck.

En Sesam återvinningscontainer gör återvinningen mer effektiv än en vanlig sopcontainer..

We make recycling efficient

How can we equip your Sesam?

We listen to our customers and are more than happy to discuss the solution that is best for you. Our Sesam containers can be completely customized according to how you want them, regardless of whether it concerns special dimensions of the container or the fork tubes, different color, extra soft wheels, extra support wheels, hot-dip galvanizing, aluminum lids with gas dampers, bolted sheet lids with connection options, liquid bottom, extra hard bottom, extra sealing etc.

En Sesam container går att få med varmförzinkning.
Hot-dip galvanizing

Instead of the normal powder coating, you can choose to hot-dip galvanize your Sesam. This may be preferable if they will be mostly outdoors.

Rostfri Sesam container.

Sesam can also be ordered in stainless steel.

Sopcontainer med vätskebotten.
Liquid bottom

This specially made bottom lasts approx. 40 liters of liquid.

Återvinningscontainers för industri och lager.
Extra sealing

For small waste or recycling, extra sealing can be an advantage. We then put extra rubber strips along the joints on the bottom doors.

Få din container med extra plattjärn.
Extra flat iron

All Sesam have a flat iron under the bottom hatches. Putting an extra flat iron on top usually goes a long way when it comes to small waste and recycling.

Återvinningscontainers för industri och lager.
Extra hard bottom

If you have to throw heavy things from a higher height, a reinforced bottom can be recommended. We then weld a hardox bottom on top of the regular bottom.

Återvinningscontainers för industri och lager.
Extra soft wheels

Our regular wheels work well for flat surfaces and floors. If the container may need to be rolled over uneven surfaces, extra soft wheels can facilitate handling.

Återvinningscontainers för industri och lager.
Extra support wheel

For widened Sesam containers, extra support wheels can ensure that any uneven distribution of waste or recycling does not tip the container into one corner.

Återvinningscontainer med plåtlock.
Bolted sheet metal cover

If the container is to be connected to any machine / filter, a bolted sheet metal lid with a hole cut out can be perfect. You may also want containers with doors or openings with rubber overhangs
bolted sheet metal cover.

Avfallscontainers för industri och lager.
Half-moon plate on one bottom cover

One of our customers came up with this little trick! When they throw away small waste, they noticed that it can spill out on the short sides between the bottom hatches of our smaller Sesam.

They then proposed a "half-moon"
on one bottom hatch, which ensures that nothing can escape from there.

Container med halv-månes plåt på bottenluckan.
Dubbelkuggkrans för en stabilare container.
Double gear ring

Double toothed ring is recommended when you want an extra stable Sesam when opening and closing.

Regardless of how you choose to adapt your Sesam container, we guarantee that you will receive a product that meets your expectations. We know how important it is to have the right kind of equipment in the workplace and that space is of great importance. Being able to efficiently dispose of waste and keeping the workplace well organized is what drives us at Sesam to develop.

Sesam special containers

Sesam Container