Sesam bottom emptying containers

Sesam bottom-emptying containers are emptied via the forklift's fork spread more easily and safely as well as in a more controlled manner than tipping containers and other variants of waste containers.

The risk of having to get out of the truck and "push" a full tipping container in person, or with the help of another truck, is non-existent with Sesam. Any waste or recycling material will be emptied no matter how it is placed in a Sesam container provided that the truck's fork spread is sufficient to ensure that Sesam opens 100%.

The truck driver never has to get out of the truck and the risk of work injuries is minimized.

Bottom emptying containers

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Easy, safe & convenient.

How do our bottom empty containers work?

To give you an idea of what separates Sesam bottom-empty containers from traditional containers, we've created an instructional video on how they work and how they can help streamline

Advantages of Sesam bottom emptying containers


The truck driver does not have to leave the truck during pick-up, transport, drop-off or emptying. It is also completely contained, regardless of the centre of gravity of the waste.


Sesam containers can be fully customised to your specific needs in terms of dimensions, colour and density, for example.


Sesam containers can be fully customised to your specific needs in terms of dimensions, colour and density, for example.


As standard, Sesam containers are manufactured with fork tubes that are for forks of max 150mm x 50mm, which usually works well for all smaller forklifts. If you also want to be able to use large forklifts, larger fork tubes may be needed - this is entirely determined by the size of the forks and can easily be ordered from us.

Fork spread

Different sizes of Sesam containers require different amounts of fork spread to open 100%. See each specific model's specifications for this by clicking on them. Opening 100% is important if you have bulky recyclables or waste otherwise Sesam containers will empty immediately with less opening.

Bottentömmande container för truck med gaffelspridning.
Hos Sesam kan du specialanpassa din bottentömmande container för er verksamhet.
Choice of bottom empty container

We have several different standard models to choose from. Just click on them to see their specifications such as length, width, height and volume.If you have any other needs or questions, please contact us directly.


Since space is often a challenge, we would like to highlight that a Sesam container have room for about 40% more waste or recycling material in the same area as a tipping container. The fact that it empties more smoothly and safely and lasts considerably longer are additional advantages you who have not yet tried Sesam should consider!

Do you need a customized bottom-emptying container?

Remember that Sesam containers can be fully customized to your specific needs in terms of, for example, dimensions, color, density, thickness, liquid bottom, hatches, solid sheet metal lid with connections, hot-dip galvanizing, etc.We are responsive and more than ready to discuss the best possible solution for your particular needs!

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