NP Nilsson chose Sesam for its new logistics center

NP Nilsson valde Sesam till sitt nya logistikcenter

NP Nilsson has just built a fantastic new Logistics Center in Förslöv.

We are extremely proud and happy that Henrik, Marcus and Daniel and colleagues decided to challenge the power of habit and choose Sesam Containers for all handling of waste - and recycling materials in this well-thought-out center!

For us, it feels like hand in glove to work together with NP Nilsson, who, just like us, always focuses on sustainability, safety, working environment, efficiency and, of course, affordability. We will continuously and long-term follow up the comparison with tipping containers regarding all these key areas as well as more that may appear along the way. We will return to this in the future.

Before NP Nilsson dared to take this step, they had to borrow two demo Sesams from us. We have realized that is one of our main keys to being able to seriously challenge the power of habit. So if you, who are reading this, are at a company that might want to test Sesam sharp completely free of charge, please contact us directly: or

Why choose a bottom-emptying Sesam over a tipping container, read more here

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