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Bottom-emptying containers with safer and easier emptying, longer service life and more space in the same place

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Smoother and safer recycling management

Sesam® is a bottom-emptying recycling container that is operated entirely from inside the truck, minimising the risk of work-related injuries.

Avfallscontainer från Sesam är säkrare än en tippcontainer.
Sesame puts safety first

The truck driver can clearly see from his driver's seat when a Sesam Container is emptied. This makes the Sesam waste container both safer and more convenient than a traditional tipping container. The controlled emptying and the very durable construction also means a much longer lifetime than a tipping container.

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Easy, safe & convenient

How can Sesame improve your workplace?


A Sesame container has, on the same surface, space for about 40% more waste and/or recycling material than a tipping container. This means that Sesam requires fewer emptying operations.


The truck driver does not have to leave the truck during pick-up, transport, drop-off or emptying. The waste container is emptied easily, controlled and safely via the fork spread of the truck.


All Sesam waste containers without wheels can be emptied from both short sides. They can also be ordered with recesses in the long sides of the fork tubes to be movable from all four sides.

Istället för en tippcontainer kan du med en Sesam container öppna botten från trucken.
Sesam containers är smidigare och säkrare än en traditionell tippcontainer.

It is also possible to move Sesam containers by hand truck as the fork tubes have holes at the bottom for the hand truck wheels. Sesam waste containers with mounted wheels can also be moved easily without a forklift in confined spaces thanks to two fully swivelling wheels and two fixed wheels.

Sesam avfallscontainer är tillverkade i Sverige.
Swedish-made containers
All Sesam containers are manufactured in Sweden. This means that we have full insight into production and current delivery times. In addition, we and our manufacturers care about the environment and work actively for both sustainable production and sustainable deliveries. Sesam is currently manufactured in Älmhult, Halmstad and Getinge.

Advantages of Sesam® compared to a traditional tipping container

- Sesame® waste containers are safely emptied, controlled and smoothly by splitting the forks of the truck

- Sesam® container is handled without the truck driver having to get out of the truck

- Sesam® container is emptied no matter where the waste has its centre of gravity

- Sesam® container offers better working conditions for the truck driver

- Sesam® container without wheels can be handled by hand truck

- Sesam® container can be emptied just as easily and safely even if it is equipped with a lid or net

- Sesam® waste container can be equipped with a liquid bottom that holds approximately 40 litres of liquid

- Sesam® container can be fully customized to your specific needs in terms of dimensions, for example, color, density, thickness, liquid bottom, lids, fixed sheet metal lid with connections, hot-dip galvaniZation etc.

Do you need a customiZed Sesame?

We at Sesam Container are in contact with countless companies and industries that use our waste containers in their specific activities.

We are responsive and more than ready to discuss the best possible solution for you! Remember that Sesam containers can be fully customized to your specific needs in terms of dimensions, color, density, thickness, liquid bottom, lids, fixed sheet metal lids with connections, hot-dip galvanizing, etc.

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En Sesam återvinningscontainer gör återvinningen mer effektiv än en vanlig sopcontainer..

Efficient recycling container from Sesam

Sesam Container