Why choose Sesam® over a standard tipping container?

A high level of safety in the workplace should always be a priority. Especially in workplaces such as warehouses and industries, where heavy materials, wobbly pallets and moving forklifts are part of everyday life, it should be a matter of course to constantly strive to keep safety as high as possible.

Many of the accidents that occur at work in Sweden are related to forklift trucks, and in workplaces that involve the daily handling of heavy goods, sorting, waste and material handling, the risk of accidents occurring is significantly higher. Although in most cases there are clear recommendations on everything from the handling of forklifts to the emptying of tipping containers, there are still risks associated with the manual handling of specific operations.

That's why we at Sesam have developed a container that is both smoother, safer and more spacious than the standard tipping container, something we call a bottom-emptying container.

How does Sesam® help to increase safety?

All products in the Sesam range are specifically designed to increase safety, and to minimize the risk of accidents occurring in already vulnerable workplaces. Unlike the tipping container, a Sesam® empties all waste or recycling material without having to leave the truck, regardless of where the waste is located in the container. The truck driver never has to get out of the truck, minimizing the risk of workplace injuries.

Because Sesam® is also available in a wide range of sizes and designs, we can tailor your container to your specific workplace. Different types of workplaces require different types of equipment, and since we at Sesam® develop and manufacture our products ourselves, we can also easily adapt our products to cope with the waste handling needs of your specific warehouse or industry.

Whatever the volume, height, length, width, or colors of your Sesam®, feel free to contact us so we can customize your new and much safer container. All to meet your specific needs and wishes.
Sesam Container tillverkar bottentömmande containers som är både säkrare och smidigare än vanliga tippcontainers.

Easier, safer & more spacious than a tipping container

At Sesam®, we see the risk of having to get out of the truck and manually empty a full tipping container as unnecessary. Traditional tipping containers or boxes are both very heavy and awkward to empty, and although emptying can often be done using a forklift, the risk of something going wrong is too great to be considered safe for the staff who manage the workplace's waste management and waste sorting.

Fördelar med Sesam® jämfört med en traditionell tippcontainer

• Med Sesam® sker tömning säkert, kontrollerat och smidigt genom delning av truckens gafflar utan att du som truckförare behöver lämna trucken. Till skillnad från en vanlig tipplåda eller tippcontainer sker ingen manuell hantering vid tömning, vilket leder till högre säkerhet vid handhavandet

• Sesam® container passar alla truckar med gaffelspridning. Till skillnad från tippcontainers tömmer du lätt och smidigt ditt gods med gafflarna på trucken oavsett var tyngdpunkten hos avfallet ligger

• Sesam® container erbjuder bättre arbetsförhållanden för truckföraren. Att du varken behöver lämna trucken eller manuellt behöver knuffa din tippcontainer för att tömma den, minskar drastiskt risken för att arbetsskador uppstår hos truckföraren

• En Sesam® container kan enkelt hanteras och förflyttas med en handtruck om behovet uppstår, så länge containern inte har anpassats med hjul. Om hjul har monterats på containern kan denna smidigt förflyttas även utan truck. Detta tack vare sina två svängbara hjul

• En Sesam® container kan precis lika enkelt och säkert tömmas om den har utrustats med ett fastbultat lock, en förstärkt botten eller med andra tillbehör som den utrustats med. Skulle du utrusta en tippcontainer med extra tillbehör skulle den endast bli tyngre och svårare att hantera än den redan är

• Sesam® container kan utrustas med en vätskebotten som håller cirka 40 liter vätska om den kommer att hanteras utomhus där det finns risk för nederbörd. Eftersom Sesam® kan anpassas helt efter era specifika behov vad gäller bredd, höjd, längd, olika färger, täthet, tjocklek, luckor, lock med anslutningar eller med varmförzinkning, passar den till skillnad från tippcontainers eller tipplådor de allra flesta branscher och arbetsplatser

In order to minimize the risk of accidents arising from the manual handling of tipping containers, Sesam® has developed various types of aids and products that make the handling of recycling and sorting easier and safer. Sesam® can be equipped with accessories such as lids, liquid bottoms or nets, and adapted to cope with larger volumes. We can also supply your Sesam in stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized or in your company colors.

Sesam® Frequently Asked Questions

As standard, our containers are manufactured with fork channels for forks of max 150 mm x 50 mm. Although this standard works for the vast majority of forklifts, our Sesam® can be adapted to fit larger forklifts that require larger fork channels. Contact us if you need sizes above the standard.
The main reason for choosing a Sesam® over a traditional tipping container or box is that you minimize the risk of injury when emptying waste and other materials. Instead of having to manually tip your container when emptying with a tipping container, with Sesam® you get safe and convenient automatic emptying of your waste from inside the truck, without having to get out.
As standard we offer our Sesam® as 600 l, 900 l, 1400 l, 1800 l and 2600 l. Should you need a Sesam® with a larger volume than this, just contact us. As we offer customization of your Sesam®, we can tailor your Sesam® according to your wishes regarding height, width, length and volume to suit your specific workplace.
Of course, this is not a problem. In addition to customizing the dimensions and volume of our Sesam®, you can specify the color you want it to be. With a special container, you can choose anything from hot-dip galvanizing and colors, to lids or extra bottoms that can hold up to 40 litres of liquid.
With a Sesam®, you can fit about 40% more waste or recycling material in the same area as you can with a tipping container. The fact that it also empties more easily and quickly means that you can fill and empty your Sesam® with waste many more times.

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