Equip your Sesam container with accessories such as wheels, lids, nets, tarpaulins or hot-dip galvanizing.

A safer and more efficient alternative to tipping containers, garbage containers, garbage containers or garbage cans.

With a bottom-emptying container from us, you can fit approx. 40% more waste and recycling material on the same surface as a tipping container. Because you have room for more waste, Sesam requires fewer emptyings than just a tipping container.

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Advantages of Sesam bottom emptying containers


The Sesam container can be moved from all directions and can be emptied from both short sides as long as it does not have its own mounted wheels.


Sesam's products can last up to 10 years if properly and well maintained. As it both lasts a long time and needs to be emptied less often, it is very affordable.


Sesam's products can also be custom built according to your wishes. Our manufacturers have extensive experience and knowledge in storage and recycling.